A Day at the Races – NCI Trainer / Trainee Appreciated

Amie leu and  Gene Chang air races      as told by JD Jackson

Sunday, September 27th…. two of NCI’s Drivers were treated to a day at the Red Bull Air Races. On arrival, we knew nothing of Air Racing, an hour later, we were discussing like experts, as if we had been following it our entire lives. I guess that defines good racing, and good times, you get “into” it, and as the races unfold in front of you, you pay attention, you learn.

The Drivers who attended this as a continuing part of Driver Appreciation Week were Amia Leu, who has been with National Carriers Inc for 2 ½ years, and has now stepped up his game and has become a Driver Trainer. Amia Leu has become one of the better Driver Trainers, with his patience, and laid back style makes his Students comfortable as they enter into the unknown world and lifestyle of Professional Driving. Leu’s Driver Manager, Debra Haley, says “Leu is one of my favorite Drivers to work with”Debra smiling

Gene Chang, a new Student starting his career with NCI. Gene has been with NCI since last week, and is very excited to be with NCI, and be starting his new career off “on the right foot”. Gene was very happy to be at The Red Bull Air Races, and was in awe of the enormity of Texas Motor Speedway.

Amiie plane bank with TMS logoA good day was had by all. The Red Bull Air Races are a unique event that will happen in only 2 cities in the United States. Ft Worth, TX, and Las Vegas, NV. This just adds to the specialness of being able to attend an event that is held at multiple locations all over the world, and to see and enjoy some racing the likes of which most people will never get to enjoy. The skill, and precision with which these pilots fly with is incredible, and a true pleasure to get the privilege to attend, watch, and learn about this amazing sport.

Leu, and Gene both are appreciative, and say “Thank you” to National Carriers for allowing them to attend such an exciting event. Amie leu and Chang air races

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