Robert Vosburgh and Binky
Robert Vosburgh and Binky

       A Man and His Dog

     This is Robert. He drives a truck for NCI. See Robert drive. Drive Robert drive.

     Robert has a dog. His dog’s name is Binky. He rides in Robert’s truck. Binky watches Robert drive. Drive Robert drive.

     One day Binky got sick. Robert took Binky to the doctor. The doctor said Binky needed an immediate operation.

     Robert did not have money for the operation. He called NCI for help.  NCI gave Robert the money for Binky’s operation.   

     The doctor removed the cancer from Binky. Binky  recovered at the animal hospital. Robert visited Binky while he healed.

     Robert drives a truck at NCI. Binky rides as Robert drives. Robert stops and he  watches. Run Binky run.

     Drive Robert Drive.


And they lived happily ever after.  


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