]When you compare trucking companies across America, you’re looking for those things that make one company stand out from all the rest. With National Carriers it comes down to building on a company culture that drives America’s businesses, and for us that’s a very good place to start.

Driver reviews consistently say three things about NCI, and the first thing you’ll hear about us is that we’re a big company with a small company feel, where everyone is on a first name basis, and the company behaves like a community. That’s what we’ve been like since we opened our doors in 1968.

The second thing our drivers will usually tell you about us is that we’re straight-shooters. We take pride in telling things like they are, whether it’s good news or bad, so that you’ll always know exactly where you stand with us.

And the third thing you’ll normally hear from our drivers is how happy they are with our benefits package and safety record. We take pride in making sure our drivers have what they need to take care of emergencies and to keep them safe.

No company is perfect, but what you’ll find at NCI is a dedicated team that is focused on making the business and the working experience better and better as we continue to grow, even after all these years. With new trucks, new technology investments, and optional resources for improving how you benefit from your job and how your life can keep improving right along side of us as we make the business a better place to work, we’re investing heavily in time, effort and money to make National Carriers the best place to work as a driver in the industry.

It’s no wonder we’ve earned, and continue to earn, the reputation as the industry’s “Elite” fleet┬«
National Carriers Inc. operates 3 terminals nationally and has offices in Dallas, Texas, and Liberal, Kansas to deliver loads to all 48 contiguous States, with special expertise in handling refrigerated loads and livestock. Running an average of over 800,000 miles each week, NCI really does drive American business.