For the past nineteen years owner operator, Gerald Wilson, has transported refrigerated freight throughout the United States. While working at another company a NCI driver asked him if he was making any money. When he answered no, she invited him to join National Carriers and within a month he was flying the “Elite” fleet flag.

From his first driver manager Jason Greer to his current driver manager Debra Haley he has always felt he was part of a team. Gerald commented that his managers have always been “cool” and talked to him as an individual. This has led to good conversations letting him know they cared and were concerned what was going on in his life outside of the truck. Gerald stated Greer continued to help even after he began managing the livestock department.

Originally from Grenada, Gerald served in the US military. He spent most of his life living in Massachusetts, but now resides in Florida. He exercises daily with a routine that includes push-ups and walking. As he has gotten older his diet has moved away from sweets and starches, now featuring varieties of salad and fruit. In July 2021 he earned recognition as Driver of the Month.

“As an owner operator, you get to do your own thing making your own decisions about which loads you take. You can manager your business which includes not turning down loads. I take the loads no one else will take, it’s no big deal. What do I like most about my work?  I like making great money, owning a nice truck, meeting interesting people, and visiting a lot of great places,” he replied with his ever-present smile.

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