Driver Drops 80 lbs. after Diabetes Discovery

National Carriers company driver, Kurt Knox, weighed in at 300 lbs before he realize his weight was endangering his livelihood as a Class A CLD driver. Over time his sedimentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and general neglect of his health found him facing the fact he was a Type II diabetic. In September of 2015, reported a study conducted by Robert Glatter, MD that stated half of the adults in the U.S. have diabetes or are pre-diabetic.

Kurt Knox Heavy

At his heaviest weigh Knox experienced a frequent urge to urinate. He attributed the urge to growing older and this was one of the changes his body was going through due to aging. Over time he realized something was wrong as the need to stop and find a restroom increased. He continued to drive, making adjustments to accommodate his need to stop more frequently. During a scheduled time off for dental surgery, he was required to take physical before returning to the road. From his urinalysis test, doctors determined he had type II diabetes which required him to begin oral medication to regulate his blood sugar.

Thumbs up pro shot Knox was devastated when informed he was diabetic. He was determined to reverse the disease and immediately began a regiment of diet and exercise. He began by implementing a daily workout routine. Next, he focused on what he calls, eating clean. His diet focused on eating vegetables, legumes, and fruits. He was surprised at the variety of salads that were available. He has discovered green, leafy, vegetables including spinach, collard greens and mustard greens have many health benefits as well as helping with the reduction of sugar in his bloodstream.

National Carriers has installed AC/DC invertors in all company trucks. This has allowed Knox to utilize a blender to create custom juices to his liking. One ingredient he adds to his blended mix is beets. He feels the potassium and iron found in beets improves his energy level. He also eats yogurt which helps with his digestion while driving. Choosing this eating method he feels his body is being cleansed daily. He has reduced intake of carbohydrates, starches (such as potatoes), and salt. He has increased his consumption of berries eating small portions throughout the day allowing him to avoid hunger pangs.Stop sign intersection

After implementing his lifestyle change, Knox now weighs 220 lbs. and hopes one day to no longer take the medication required to control his diabetes. He states that his body now tells him “thank you” for the changes he has made in his diet and exercise routine. Each time he sits down and eats properly he realizes the long-term benefits he is receiving. Knox is eager to share his message hoping to inspire others to take control of their health.







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