Drivers Claim to Like Company – and we love it!

Letter received by Al Love, Director of Driver Services:

Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez

I wanted to send a letter to the people of National Carriers and thank everyone for all the hard work and things they do every day to make my job possible.

Before National Carriers I always thought of trucking companies as a place to earn a paycheck and nothing more. National Carriers is a different company for me, I felt welcomed, I felt valued, I felt that my efforts mattered and rewarded beyond just a paycheck, as time went on I found that the environment was more like a big team that I could find support from, it gave it a family like feel that I have never felt except when I was in the military, something you get by being in the trenches with the other person but knowing the kind of people I had watching my back gave me the energy to “dust off” and go after it.

Although my desk came with wheels I never felt a separation that you get from other companies when you walk into the office area, (No drivers allowed), in fact that sign is posted in most areas in most companies and made me feel like a 2nd class citizen but I never felt like that at National Carriers, and wish to thank the people there for that and all the great memories I have walking in a place I felt I belonged.

My health doesn’t allow me to continue to do the work and have to say goodbye to the good people and great company of National Carriers Inc., I will miss working with all of you and thank you so much.
Pedro Hernandez


Emails received by Recruiter, Donna Boily:  Latest Donna at desk

Donna, thank you for everything and God bless you. I feel like I belong in a family again and I have been praying for that. I would love one day to be a recruiter. I do speak Spanish but I know people need to speak English. I just have to tell you how great it feels to be here! Thank you very much. 🙂 Joe Gonzalez  Trainee on 2661e

Donna, Thanks again. I delivered my first load today and I’m back in Dodge City and will be leaving to go to Wisconsin. I have met a lot of great people. NCI seems like a great company. Pete Gunn 4289c


Observation shared from  Recruiter James Rampy:

James Rampy
James Rampy

Brandon Sunderland – #4616 referred David Jenkins in this week’s Orientation class and  Mr. Jenkins ended up needing a CPAP machine, which he could not afford.

Mr. Sunderland found out about the situation and requested that we use his $1200 referral bonus to pay for the CPAP machine.

This is something that you do not hear about every day. We did find out that Mr. Jenkins was Mr. Sunderland’s trainer at another company. Mr. Jenkins is currently driving truck 4302a for a great company in NCI.

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