My name is Eugene Smiley, my truck number is #4468. I am a Lease Purchase/Owner Operator and a student of National Carriers “NCI University”, I will be soon completing Business Math.

When I learned the great people at National Carriers were considering the idea of an accredited online business math course and began taking a census of interested drivers, I stepped up immediately! Being an owner/operator is all about efficiency and “the numbers”, the Business Math course at Seward County Community College in Liberal, Kansas brings it all right back!

Working with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percents to re-initiate you with basic math concepts, then banking and interest/compound interest, payroll, analyzing financial reports and depreciation, it’s all there!

I didn’t think I would get a second chance at higher learning, National Carriers is stepping out and offering, in my opinion, the greatest opportunity ever! We as drivers want the best for our families, here is a chance to do something great for ourselves! At the time of this writing, I am carrying an “87” or “B” average, not bad for an old guy who hasn’t seen a classroom in over 20 years and we can all do this! The class is very affordable and 16 weeks long. I will be attending the next course offered, and the next thereafter, there may even be a degree with my name on it someday and it will be because National Carriers cared enough about us to offer a great gift to us! Enrollment starts soon, I hope to hear all of you are with me!

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