Earn a College Degree by Attending Classes While You’re on the Road!

U-of-E-teeNational Carriers, Inc. has announced the inaugural class for their “Elite” fleet® University. Enroll now to earn your college degree. Initial classes in Business Math begin enrolling January 2014.  All classes are offered in cooperation with Seward County Community College / Area Technical School (www.sccc.edu) located in Liberal, Kansas. A certificate of recognition will be awarded upon successful completion of the class. The class offering consists of a 16 week course with the equivalent of three credit hours..

Future classes will be Business English, Intro to Accounting, Intro to Business, and Intro to Marketing. The classes are designed to allow the “Elite” fleet® drivers to earn their college degree in their areas of interest. While continuing to transport refrigerated products throughout the lower forty-eight states on behalf of NCI customers you can get that college degree you’ve always wanted.  All classes are held online. Instructors are available to lead and support the students. For more information contact ekentner@nationalcarriers.com

Being part of the “Elite” fleet® means enjoying a career worthy of your skills and commitment to excellence. We believe long-term success is waiting for you at National Carriers®, one of the nation’s oldest, most respected and largest carriers. NCI feels strongly that an investment in our people will pay sevenfold in production and success. Educating our driving force is another way National Carriers invest in our driving professionals.