Keith Jones and his son, Keifer.
Keith Jones and his son, Keifer.

He Died for Two or Three Minutes – Keith Jones January Driver of the Month

The hum of a diesel engine, the rubber rolling on pavement, the whip of rushing wind are typical sounds of life inside the rig of company driver Keith Jones. Although Jones will be celebrating 20 years of driving, he has been driving for National Carriers for three years, and was recognized as Keith Jones January Driver of the Month in 2014.  “I really enjoy driving for National Carriers,” Jones said.
One of the reasons why Jones finds his job so enjoyable is the companionship of his son, Keifer. “He has lived with me on the truck for over half of my career,” Jones said, and up to a few years ago, their dog Diamond completed the trio for a scenic life on the road. “She can’t handle the road anymore because of her nerves,” Jones said.
Nerves are what Jones knows best. Life wasn’t easy as easy on a four lane highway raising his son by himself. Nine months after Keifer was born, Jones lost his wife Patsy to a rare disease, mixed connective tissue disease. Then after receiving his first baby shots, Keifer developed a 105.4 degree fever. “He died for two or three minutes, but they were able to bring him back,” Jones said. The doctors told Jones that his son suffered brain damage because of the high fever. Jones then rose to9 the challenge to raise his special needs child by putting his faith in God. “I love the Lord, and constantly find myself relying on his love to see me through,” Jones said
Keifer’s real name is Keith Junior, but when he was 12 years old a friend of Jones’ sister started calling him Keifer rather than junior, and the name stuck. Now 34 years old, Keifer keeps his father company as they haul beef over the U.S. highways. Jones said his son is quite a ladies man.
Jones said that he is happy with the way things have turned out. His responsibility for his son is echoed by his responsibility to his job. “National Carriers has really been good to me, Jones said. His favorite part of his job is in the scenery. “I love going to different places, seeing the wonderful architecture and meeting interesting people. This is God’s country, and he did a good job,” Jones said.

Author Dawn Shouse

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