Ina Marinelli Exemplifies What a Professional Driver Should BeIna marinelli

Ina Marinelli, from Mountain Home AR, began her career with National Carriers on August 13th 2012. During her time with National Carriers, she has earned the respect of all who work with her. Ina has always exemplified what professional drivers should be, with her “can do” attitude, and her work ethic of doing the best job she can do. Her Driver Manager, Debra Haley says “She’s Awesome”, and a real pleasure to work with.Arkansas Mtn back of trailer

Ina Marinelli attended the National Carriers Train the Trainer class on December 12th, 2014. Since then, she has trained multiple students with success. She takes pride in passing on her knowledge to new students, and having a positive effect on the future of the transportation industry. By training students to be safe and professional drivers, she is helping National Carriers to put quality drivers onto the highways, and keep us all safe as we and our families all share these same highways.

The Driver Training Manager, JD Jackson, says Ina Marinelli is a real pleasure to work with. “She is always in a good mood when I see her, and always has a great attitude”. Ina has had great success as a Driver Trainer for National Carriers. All of her students have passed their Upgrade exams to graduate from Driver Training, and all are all still currently employed with National Carriers.

Ina Marinelli is the finest example of what both a professional driver, and a driver trainer should aspire to be. To sum her up in two words…She Cares.

In showing our appreciation of a job well done, and to the highest standards, National Carriers will be presenting Ina Marinelli with a check for $500 dollars. Ina’s first student from 6 months ago, Ronnie Wallett, is still employed with National Carriers, and has remained accident free in his time here. This is proof positive of the quality training, and teaching Ina Marinelli provides to National Carrier’s students. Her positive outlook, and “get’r done” attitude is being passed to students so that they too will have these qualities, and in turn make them safe and professional drivers added to the National Carriers “Elite” Fleet.

Thank you Ina Marinelli, for all that you do, and all you continue to do. You are the “standard” for which other drivers can aspire to meet. You are “Excellence by Example”. National Carriers is lucky to have you in our fleet, and in our family.


JD JacksonJD  

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