It is the Right Thing to Do – Fuel Bonus Program

National Carriers offers our company drivers a very lucrative fuel bonus program. All drivers operating on the 48 state, regional southwest or regional west coast runs are eligible to participate. Each business quarter bonuses are paid to drivers who exceed the minimum requirements set by NCI.
Drivers operating NCI company trucks without an auxiliary power unit are required to maintain 6.6 MPG to be eligible for quarterly fuel bonuses. Operators driving trucks with standard transmissions with auxiliary power units must reach 7.0 MPG. Those driving a truck with automatic transmissions with an auxiliary power unit will be required to average 7.4 MPG. The bonus is included on the company driver’s settlement following the end of the bonus quarter.

Gary Horvath leads the "Elite" fleet in fuel economy
Gary Horvath leads the “Elite” fleet in fuel economy

Several benefits are the result of the fuel bonus program. Drivers are rewarded for excellent driving habits. The environment remains cleaner as our company reduces the NCI carbon footprint. The reduced fuel consumption saves NCI fueling expenses and prolongs the limited supply of petroleum our world has to offer. Quoting Benjamin Franklin, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” When NCI saves a penny we are quick to share it with the ones who are responsible for creating it.
We asked National Carriers company driver, Gary Horvath to explain his methods of conserving fuel. Gary joined NCI in the fall of 2013. Since that time he has been a leader in fuel economy. He drives a Kenworth T-700 that is NOT equipped with an APU. By his own admission he is not the best “gear jammer” in our fleet. He averages 8.31 miles per gallon and during the months of April, May, and June, his idle time averaged 10 percent. Trucking is a mid-life career change for this lifetime auto factory worker.
Gary shared, “The first thing I do is my pre-trip which includes making sure the tire pressures are correct. I am surprised at how many drivers will pick up a trailer and not check the tire pressure. Shifting is important, but I don’t personally believe it is the most important. When I am under a light load I typically shift between 1200 and 1250 RPM. When I am under a loaded trailer I shift around 1300 RPM. I constantly monitor my Trip Economy gauge on my dashboard. I try to keep the moving line to the right. If you do that you will dramatically increase your fuel mileage in these trucks.”
Blue truck and trailer at dock - good shot Gary admitted he doesn’t save fuel for the bonus or because NCI encouragers their drivers to do so. “It is the right thing to do – fuel bonus program is great, but for me it is the right thing to do for our economy, our environment, and our future. For an in-depth look at Gary’s driving habits and his views concerning cruise control, visit the National Carriers YouTube channel and subscribe.

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