It Takes 7 Million People to Move America

2016-at-desk-good-smileJim Franck, President of NCI, first became aware of Trucking Moves America Forward during a Truckload Carriers Association meeting in February of 2016. His interest in involving National Carriers stemmed from two important issues.

He shared, “The messagebest-shot-goldie-with-trailer goes to the heart of improving the image of our drivers to the motoring public. This allows the transportation community to converse with drivers of all vehicles through the use of a fifty-three foot billboard. The message being conveyed is simple; the person driving this truck is a person just like you. Our drivers are hard-working, honest folks who are providing for their families just like other breadwinners.” He added, “We chose Goldie Seymour to represent NCI on this trailer in response to her being named 2014 Driver of the Year. She has been a rock solid representative of NCI whether in our drivers lounge, while attending Women in Trucking events, interacting with our customers, or recruiting on our behalf at the Great American Truck Show. Next year we may add another trailer and ask another driver to participate”.

mag-cover-shotSeymour was routed through Liberal, KS, to pick up a load from the National Beef Packers plant.  NCI Social Media Director Ed Kentner coordinated a photo shoot at a local city park. Her granddaughters, Annika and Zaria were her passengers and were excited to participate in the project. An hour was spent posing for shots while looking for that perfect facial expression.

“The photograph we used for the trailer actually was snapped by the photographer when we were setting up for a different shot. I was preparing for the next pose, the girls were restless and began playing, tugging each other back and forth. When we looked at the proof sheet, this photo jumped off the page, as it does from the trailer,” reflected Kentner.

“As a two time winner of driver of the month and a past driver of the year, I feel so very honored and blessed to once again represent National Carriers. This new trailer is such a beautifully well done piece of equipment. Not only does it represent National Carriers in such a wonderful way, but it also gives tribute to the many drivers out here for what we all do. It also gives tribute to the women out here whether they be daughters, mothers, wives, and yes, grandmothers. It is wonderful to be a member of the “Elite Fleet” family,” she proudly stated.

Spokesperson for Trucking Moves America Forward Grigsby Crawford recounted, “TMAF was launched at the Mid-America Trucking Show in 2014 with the goal to be, at its heart, an education initiative. Many folks in the industry, from the grassroots level up to executives, recognized the need for an improved image of trucking – both internally, on an industry-wide level, and among the general motoring public. As for long-term goals, TMAF will continue to educate policymakers, motorists and the public about the benefits of the trucking industry – with the goal of helping to build a groundswell of political and grassroots support necessary to strengthen and grow the industry. It does this through a combination of advertising campaigns, earned media (such as op-eds), digital & social media, and spreading the word at major industry events like MATS, GATS, and NTDC”.

    Crawford continued, “As for how NCI fits into the picture, we can certainly say that with your trailer wrap purchase, you are already helping as one of the best ambassadors of our core message – that professional truck drivers are hard-working men and women – family, friends, community members – who are truly moving America forward by providing the products we need to function in our everyday lives. TMAF likes to refer to the wraps as “moving billboards” that are seen by an estimated 16 million people each as they travel across the country.

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