Market Share Increases for National Carriers
Kirk Lester Dunwoody GA dock


The beginning of a new year always holds hope for a brighter future. This is especially true in our line of work. The Christmas Season is fraught with unique issues that make trucking very difficult. Shippers and receivers are busy, short staffed, and working shorter hours. Everyone wants to get home. Winter weather shows up in the most in-opportune times. Fleets are out of their normal rotation. No matter how hard we try, these seasonal issues are going to lead to difficult circumstances for all of us at National Carriers. It happens every year. We do our best, celebrate, and then we move on.

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Whit Welch Director of Business Development

The first full week of January dawns like the sun as we move from the Holiday blues and into a more stable trucking environment. National Carriers is positioned to have a great 2015. The Sales Team has had a successful bid season with new and old customers. We will begin seeing additional volume and new lanes from our past bids. We are also working to secure driver friendly freight in the lanes that work best for our fleet. For example, we have won volume in lanes out of Florida and Arizona, as well as additional loads in California. The first quarter is generally a slower time in trucking, so now is the time to secure and start new business.

Over the next 90 days we will begin to see some of these new opportunities start. Our ability to be flexible, safe, and prepared are the keys to growing our business. We all understand that the best way to have a successful year is to get off to a great start. Let’s make sure we keep a positive attitude and that we do what we can to keep our place as an industry leader. As we continue to provide quality, cost effective service, our successes will grow. Let’s work together to make 2015 the best it can be for everyone in the Elite Fleet.

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