Dear National Carriers, Inc.   

Congratulations! Based on the performance of National Carriers, Inc.’s shipping and freight operations, EPA has named your company a 2017 SmartWay High Performer. This is the first year that EPA has published a list of SmartWay High Performers, and I’m pleased that National Carriers, Inc. made the list. A complete list of all 2017 SmartWay High Performers, and the criteria for making the list, is available on the SmartWay website:

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Again, congratulations. EPA commends National Carriers, Inc. for its continued efforts as a SmartWay partner and its contribution to a more efficient, productive, and sustainable freight industry. If you have any questions or suggestions about SmartWay’s new high performer program, please contact Joann Jackson-Stephens at (734) 214-4276 or


Joseph McCarthy

Joseph B. McCarthy Partner Account Manager, SSAI Supporting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partnership


EPA’s SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improve freight transportation efficiency.

Fewer than 10 percent of all SmartWay carriers operate fleets efficient enough to make the SmartWay high performer list for carbon emissions.

Carbon is a leading indicator of fuel use, meaning that SmartWay High Performers for carbon also consume less fuel for every mile they travel and for every ton of freight they move. For example, for every trip they make, high performing SmartWay truckload carriers for carbon move heavier loads, packing their trailers more efficiently – and still consume thousands of gallons of less fuel annually, as compared to their SmartWay peers.


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