Career is such an odd word these days as every company seems to make every job disposable and loyalty seems to be a word of a bygone era. It’s a little different when you come to work for National Carriers because we think of everyone in the company as being part of the NCI family. Like with any family, there may be days when the sailing gets a little choppy, but we always come right back to sharing the feeling where everybody calls each other by their first name out of respect and camaraderie.

And like a family, we like to see our employees grow and improve themselves through higher education programs, achievement and recognition programs, and through our customer’s driver appreciation days, among many other company initiatives and programs we have to show how much we care about our NCI family.

A career at National Carriers starts and ends with safety because we believe every driver should get home safely after every run, every time. That’s why we just awarded 3 million mile safe driver awards, 1 two million mile safe driver award, and 1 six million mile safe driver award to NCI drivers in March, 2014 alone. Those are career achievement numbers that most drivers in the industry never get, let alone recognizing 5 of them in the same ceremony.

Whether you love the road and see a long term career for yourself driving for National Carriers, or whether you see an opportunity to explore your country while expanding your education to take on other career opportunities at National Carriers, the NCI family will be there to support you every step of the way.

If that’s the kind of feeling you want in a place to work then take a look at our open positions; you may just have found your last employer and your next step towards the rest of your career.