John Originales
John Originales

Within the safety department in Irving several tasks are performed each week. John Originales leads orientation. He does a great job of handling the entire classroom successfully each week. Narda Avelo and Rita Casares support the orientation effort by handling the time-consuming driver file tasks which is then double checked by Heather Wright. This important step for employment requires many man hours. These folks work hard each week to make sure driver applicants are approved, attend a quality orientation and are placed in trucks to begin their NCI career.

Carol McWrightman handles multiple overages, shortages and damage calls on a daily basis. Some calls are very time-consuming and require a lot of communication between the shipper, the receiver, the driver, and our operations team. It is not an easy job and it requires multi-tasking and coordination to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. Many customers will automatically file claims if they are not advised of OS&D situations on their shipment. Drivers can help by carefully reading all of the bills associated with a load when the paperwork is returned from the shipper.

NCI Safety Manager Mickey Boyce

As a unit, we take incoming accident calls and handle the scene as required. Once the dust settles from the accident the settlement of the claims and/or repairs is handled by Jill Maschmeier and Maria Hernandez in our Liberal, Ks office. I am responsible for Irving yard security, OSHA and general tasks related to accident reviews, safety reviews and random testing. In a nutshell, this is the Irving Safety operation. We appreciate the cooperation and communication from drivers and all staff members, particularly our operations department.

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