When we asked you to tell us about your favorite and worst truck stops we got an amazing response! Truck stops are not just a mainstay of truckers in America, they’re also a huge part of the country’s identity. No family road trip is complete without some kind of truck stop story, and you certainly had some great ones to share. Here are a few of the most interesting ones you shared with us:   And now on to the winners and losers… Top 5 winners

5. Petro in Weatherford, TX. Petro TX

          4. Newell Travel Plaza Newton, KS.


3. Travel America, Vero Beach, FL.


“The best T/A I’ve been to is the one in Vero Beach, Fl. Their buffet is really nice. Last time I was there, they had fried fish and fried chicken on the buffet, which I never eat because of the obvious reasons that they usually suck on a buffet. But the waitress suggested that I would enjoy them, and she was right. The batters for each are made on premises, and were really good. And they used a different batter for each, so it didn’t taste the same. Everything tasted home made. I was in there a few months ago, and they had Perogies on the buffet, and they were sauteed in butter and onions, just like my mom used to make. I think i gained 5 pounds just off of them. So, next time you’re heading down I-95 to south Florida, stop and check them out. You’ll be glad you did.”

2. Loves, Jackson TN LovesTN

“Was just through there this week. Loves lot had PLENTY of parking, but that gravel lot next to the bbq shack had’em packed in like sardines.”

1. Jubitz, I-5 Portland,ORJubitzOR “Great food,

Live, national Music country artists,acts in the bar every once in awhile, movie theater, boot shop, hair cuts, drop off laundry yes dry cleaning as well. A business center with computers, faxing, etc. Recently remodeled fuel island building with new showers, hot deli. Always a couple of Classic trucks on Display Boise Stage Stop, the food, lots of parking no riff raff, and they have a on site green house, that grows the veggies, they use in the restaurant. And a Sign, over the counter, All are welcome, but Truck Drivers are served first.” Top 5 Losers…