Satellite communication within the trucking industry is vital to the success of today’s transportation companies. At National Carriers, satelite units were first introduced in the late 1990’s. Recently, an updated version by Blue Tree is being installed by the NCI Maintenance shops. Leading this effort is satellite expert, Randy Lam. He has been employed by NCI since 2003. Installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and removing satelite units for NCI trucks is his responsibility, which he takes very seriously. Clean, neat, and organized, best describes Lam’s work and work area. “I enjoy diagnosing problems and fixing them. Getting to know the drivers is an added benefit of my job,” he said earnestly.

After a brief business venture in Sacramento, California, the Lam family returned to Liberal in 2002. From 1983 to 2000 Randy worked for National Beef Products, where he was a supervisor. His wife, Kathleen, was born and raised in Hong Kong. Randy met her while visiting Hong Kong and later she visited Liberal where she had an uncle and aunt living. Afterwards an intense phone romance blossomed. Their oldest son Darryl now attends the University of Kansas and their youngest son, Alwyn, is a freshman at Liberal high school.

Randy is also Chinese, but he was born and raised in Vietnam. His parents emigrated from the communist China mainland to North Vietnam. Later they escaped to South Vietnam, and then started their family. In 1979 Randy moved to the United States, he was 21 years old. Having family in the Sacramento area, he lived there until he discovered he could double his income by moving to Liberal. While in California he attended English classes. His teacher named him Randy, since Quang Hoy Lam (pronounced Wang Hoy Lam) was difficult for Americans to read and pronounce correctly. In 1986 he became a citizen of the United States. He is able to speak and read English, Vietnamese, some Spanish and two Chinese dialects- Cantonese and Mandarin. Who better to make sure NCI drivers have the ability to communicate?

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