When you’re looking for a driving job, most companies need a couple of years of experience, recent experience, and a pile of other conditions just to get through the recruiting process. How are you supposed to get that if you’re new to the industry or have been out of the loop for a while? National carriers has the answer that will get you back in the drivers seat of your career quickly!

The National Carriers Refresher Plus Training Program is a 6 week intensive program that gets you work-ready right away with extra focus on safety to make sure that every trip is a safe trip. You’ll work with our expert driving trainers who will make sure that you graduate with the skills you need to have a successful, safe career with National Carriers and the Elite Fleet.

Here’s what you’ll graduate into:
– A Certificate of Completion
– 2 years’ driving equivalency on your work record with NCI
– A new company driving job with National Carriers
– A full package of company benefits including health, dental, and insurance

Get paid to start your new career with the Elite Fleet by contacting our recruiters today and ask about our Refresher Plus Training Program!