NCI offers a limited driver training program.

All candidates must possess a valid Class A-CDL and be at least 23 years of age.The examples listed below are typical types of candidates we can consider bringing into the program:

Any Ex-Military veteran having previous experience with tractor trailer combinations.

Current student drivers working for a carrier with a known student training program – must have certificate of completion from CDL-school plus a minimum of 3 months OTR.

An individual who has previous experience, but has been out of trucking for an extended period – (Example – has 10 years previous experience as OTR driver but has been working in warehouse setting for last 5 years and now wants to get back into driving).
Driver has at least six months to one year experience in a non-OTR driving position (Example – Individual has been running for the last year in Oil or Gas fields or working a local position operating a tractor trailer combination).

Candidates should possess all of the following:

Positive, motivated, can-do attitude. (If the trainee applicant has a negative or sour attitude during the recruiting process they should not be considered for participation in the program).
Acceptable safety record
Acceptable job history

NCI Safety Manager Micky Boyce





Call Mickey at 800 835 2097 x 6431 for details.