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“The relationship a driver and driver manager have is critical. I have had Mike Ritchie as my DM for almost four years. I rely on Mike and I knows if he says it will be done, it will be done. We have a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” relationship. Mike knows I will take loads into the boroughs of New York City due to the long pay miles, extra drops, and bonus pay.  Together, we have developed a trusting relationship. When I am working, I will stay out three months at a time,” said March Driver of the Month Ryan Wilson.

As a lease driver, he enjoys the income, challenges, and freedom that allows for flexible days off. When he vacations he knows his truck payment is still due so planning is critical. Utilizing the tax benefits of the NCI Leasing program is also essential for his success. Payments are 100% tax deductible as are many other costs associated with operating his truck. Currently, in his third lease with NCI Leasing, he has earned over $3,700 in completion bonuses.

Wilson was raised in Florida but now lives in Kentucky. He has been driving for over 21 years. Following in his Uncle’s footsteps he wanted to see the country and drive a truck. He enjoys National Carriers’ family atmosphere, excellent equipment, and good pay. When he was called and informed he was Driver of the Month he had to pull over and gain composure.

“If drivers want good miles, work for a great company, and enjoy being treated as an individual, not a number, National Carriers would be a good place to start driving. They offer a family atmosphere, excellent equipment, and good pay. NCI is a solid company and if they weren’t, I wouldn’t stay here,” he shared.

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