National Carriers, Inc. Driver Training Program

Student David Eaton, Instructor JD Jackson and Student Anthony Lucero
Student David Eaton, Instructor JD Jackson and Student Anthony Lucero

STEP ONE: Student candidate will contact NCI Driver Recruiting     Call 800 835 2097 x 3

Complete an On-Line application at

Begins the hiring process through Driver Recruiting

Is approved to bring in to New Driver Orientation



New Driver Orientation

Attends the 3 day New Driver Orientation

After successfully completing Orientation, is “hired” and transferred to Driver Training


STEP THREE:4253 Utah

Driver Training Program

Completes a 1 day Driver Training class, covering a variety of subjects:

Defensive Driving

O, S, and D Procedures and Cargo Claims Prevention

Fatigue Awareness

Orientation into the Driver Training Program



Assignment to a Driver Trainer

Assignments are based on a variety of factors:


Tobacco usage

From the same region of the country


Length of Training

Length of Training is solely based on verifiable experience, not their skills

There are programs for Advanced Students, as they will not require the same level of training

Kenworth T-700 or T-680
Kenworth T-700 or T-680



Graduation from Driver Training

Upon successful completion of the NCI Driver Training Program, a student will then “test out”

There is a comprehensive written test

There is a skills test, Driving Evaluation, Reefer Operation, Coupling/Uncoupling



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