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        Top Reasons to Become a Trucker

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Ever since the invention of the automobile, people have had an affinity for the open road and grasped the freedom and independence that it offers.  It provides a glimpse into the human psyche, which tells us that there’s nothing more refreshing than taking to the open road in search of absolutely nothing than connecting with ourselves in a way in which we cannot otherwise.  Whether it is to clear one’s mind of the stressful day that was just endured, or take a road trip somewhere you’ve never been for days at a time, driving has become a lifestyle among many that takes precedence when it comes time to relax or simply just to get away.

With that being said, there are many opportunities for people with this desire and passion for driving.  Among them are learning how to drive commercially, either for yourself as an owner operator, or for a local, regional, or nationwide distributor.  Commercial truck driving has many benefits and should be considered fully when deciding to pursue this avenue.

Saif Lafta
Saif Lafta

For starters, when you do decide to go for it and take the test to obtain your Class A or Class B license, the preparation alone can help you to become that much better of a driver in general.  From inspecting the truck, to properly executing a backing maneuver, everything the test proctors grade you on can be applied to operating a normal passenger car or pickup.  Commercial truck drivers operate some of the largest vehicles on the road, followed by even larger trailers and possible equipment being hauled, so the need to be the best driver you can possibly be out there is an absolute must.  With the amount of distractions on the road today, from texting, phone calls, and other bad drivers, being the best and safest on the road can have a positive impact on the other drivers around you.  The rewards from knowing that you can take the helm in any vehicle and promote that kind of safety and responsibility is second to none when comparing careers.

Many trucking companies offer their employees benefits that are very comparable to almost any company out on the market today.  From health, dental, vision, 401k, sick leave and paid time off, it’s an industry that has you covered as if you had an office job.  A lot of trucking companies have very flexible schedules as well, and even have relief drivers in the event of a family emergency or anything else that may arise.  Today’s fast paced world demands efficiency, but there’s also an understanding that an employee needs to have his or her time away from a job and it’s comforting knowing that you will have that option as a truck drivers door

Quite possibly the most obvious facet of being a part of the trucking industry has to be having the ability to see the world, and get paid while you’re doing it!  North America has some of the most spectacular views on the planet and going to some of these destinations as part of your job is definitely an added incentive.  If you’ve always had the dream to travel one day, either overseas or here in the states, what better way to do it than trucking?

If and when you do decide to begin your journey to become a trucker, you should take with you the fact that you are about to enter a job that is here to stay.  Job security in today’s economy is a must and having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are a vital asset to the trucking company you will be working for is a definite winner in my books.  Despite the effects of globalization on our economy, trucking itself is here to stay and the need continues to grow.  When compared to companies that rely on outsourcing their work to other countries for help, as well as at the lowest price, you can rest assured that the commercial trucking industry doesn’t play a part in that role and keeps jobs within their regions.

Right now with the price of crude oil being at the lowest it’s been in recent memory, diesel fuel prices have followed suit nicely and should alleviate some of the worries about transitioning into this career field.  Commercial truck driving also benefits not having to use extra utilities at home, saving you extra money in the long run and giving the trucker the option to stay in his or her sleeper instead of expensive hotel rooms.  There are also many companies out there that allow families, including pets, to accompany the trucker on long hauls.  Not only does this allow for a greater trucking experience, but it’s almost like you’ve never left home.

the blog is presented courtesy of TalkCDL.comSee original blog

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