Daniel Barman
NCI Company Driver, Dan Barman


Why I LOVE to Drive for National Carriers

I  have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at NCI so far. Why? There are several reasons. And I feel I should share my experience.

1. Equipment. The equipment is top notch for the most part. We still have some older trailers being phased out, but they are still decent trailers. And the trucks are great for a company driver. Inverter, fridge, memory foam matress, and other amenities most companies wouldn’t think about giving a company driver. As well as a great breakdown team to help keep you rolling.E. LA dock - good pic 4 16

2. Miles. I have had a few short weeks, but still ran over 1700 miles. I average 4 trips a week and over 2800 miles per week. If you are willing to make yourself available (watch your clocks and be willing to help repower loads when needed), and be a team player you will get miles. Most of the time if I receive a short run, it’s backed with a great mileage run. You have to be willing to take the good and bad runs. And be willing to help the company with repowers when asked.

3. Communication. Although there are some areas that could use improvement, overall NCI is very open to hearing what their drivers have to say. They are willing to listen to concerns, suggestions and even have a monthly meeting that drivers can voice concerns to upper management. Very few companies will give the drivers the ability to voice their opinions and have the opportunity to affect change.3 16 loren speaks

4. Pay. Mileage pay is competitive with other reefer companies. I have had no issues with receiving pay for layovers, excessive length breakdowns, detention or my mileage pay. If the settlement ladies have issues with your trip packs, they contact you with plenty of time to resolve the issue before the pay cutoff.

5. Management. Overall, NCI has a great management team. All of the office personnel have open door policies, and live by them. NCI has Al Love, Director of Driver Services. The man lives to take care of us on the road. I recently had a Marine I served with pass and Al was willing to do whatever it took to get me to his funeral. The management team at NCI creates a family feeling, and it radiates to the drivers.DM Meet Bill's view

6. Dispatchers. Although we have a few that I would prefer to never deal with again, most of our DMs are amazing. My DM knows me by name. And most other DMs I talk to will use my name after pulling up my info. I truly feel like a member of a team with my Driver Manager.

7. Drivers. There is a reason they refer to NCI as the “Elite Fleet”. Our driving team is made up some of the best drivers on the road. Most are extremely professional and more than willing to help another driver in need. I enjoy meeting and talking with other NCI drivers, unlike other companies I have been with.Driver Seat

Overall, I thoroughly love being a part of the “Elite Fleet”. I consider this place my trucking home. NCI will have to give me the boot for me to leave.

Daniel Barman

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