NCI Owner Operator Gary Little

I recall at sixteen, I suddenly found myself out of high school and unemployed. Things were different then, it was a different time of life.  It was 1967 and there were no truck driving schools. The only way to get into trucking was to know someone in the industry who would sponsor you. Fortunately, I had an uncle who worked for a moving van line and he agreed to take me on his truck.  My uncle needed help loading and unloading furniture and learning to drive was an added benefit for me.  I was driving my uncle’s truck into NYC, the traffic was bumper to bumper, backed up and gridlocked. I started complaining loudly and negatively to my uncle.” He calmly told me, “You’d better develop a professional attitude or find something else to do for a living.” That lesson planted the seed that now bears fruit each day.

You must control yourself. You have no control over others on the road. As a professional driver we are trained in safe driving, but others on the road may not know any better. That’s why they appear inconsiderate and dangerous. Getting mad and yelling at someone is silly. It’s easy to point out errors in others, but sometime it’s not easy to admit our own mistakes.                                        Gary Little Truck # 80135

Gary began his career with NCI as an owner operator for Farmland in 1998. To join him and the rest of the ‘Elite” Fleet call James Rampy at 800 835 2097 x 6628